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“Developing green communities,
One neighborhood at a time”


Rothschild Development Company™

RDC engages in an important role in the local community bridging the gap between the construction ability and the investor’s need while focusing on our carbon footprints. Utilizing up-to-date technology information systems, RDC caters to the values of each project in terms of design, functionality, cost and location. Apart from this, RDC works hard in order to absorb “green” global trends deliver quality realty products and analyze our community’s expectations. RDC’s platform is to provide the best in green technology services, allowing for increased project efficiency and accountability. By streamlining communication and documentation, use real time data, on a cloud-based system that is accessible from anywhere via phone, tablet or computer.

RDC forms an important aspect of the realty sector as we fulfill the critical need for green-friendly infrastructures in areas like urban housing, office space, and retail and entertainment facilities.


RDC calculates depreciating property values, economic trends and zoning ordinances when assessing land for potential projects; applies to city localities and regional planners to rezone or subdivide desired parcels of land and provides clients with expert construction and development services from project inception through completion. RDC pride ourselves on being involved in the complete project life cycle and creates genuine relationships with our clients, maximizing our value in quality, cost, and time.

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